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I am writing with regard to the announcement by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) of the rates and schedules for internet music streaming (and other forms of broadcasting) this past Wednesday -

While there are many matters dealt with in this determination, I am concerned with the fact that there is no provision for small commercial webcasters. Rather, the entire review process and result appears to consider only the big internet companies - iTunes, Pandora, iHeart, etc., and the big music companies with megastar performers. On both sides of the equation, the smaller players - broadcasters and musical artists alike - have been ignored and disenfranchised.

The present royalty schedules for the internet (implement by Sound Exchange based on prior CRB determinations) provide for a class of license called "Small Commercial Webcaster." As the announcement referenced above makes no mention of such a provision, we conclude that Sound Exchange will not provide it. Without the SCW license, the cost of doing what small webcasters now do will jump dramatically - not just by fractions, but 5, 10, 50 times or more. Small webcasters have no chance of generating a revenue stream to cover that and so will be unable to operate. They will have to shut down.

Note that the new rules will go into effect on January 1, 2016 - less that two weeks from now - even though they have just been announced.

Also note that small webcasters have been paying royalties. Their license includes the collection of royalties which are disbursed to artists, just as with other classes of license. We completely agree that artists should be compensated for use of their work.

Small webcasters operate with small budgets and provide a wealth of content that cannot be found on the big commercial services. This includes the many varieties of music beyond the pop hits that are the mainstay of the big services - folk, jazz, classical, many form of alternative rock, etc. Hence, these broadcasters provide exposure for new artists and artists in less popular styles that would never be heard on the big services or even on FM radio.

If the small webcasters are forced to shut down, the musical artists that benefit from them - both in terms of exposure and actual royalties - will lost those benefits.

In other words, the effect of the new determination will be to penalize and disenfranchise broadcasters and artists alike.

The CRB decision seems especially callous because, in 2009, the very same issue was raised in connection with the determination at that time, and Congress intervened with the result that provision for small webcasters was restored. Reports say that small webcasters (and artists) were not represented in the CRB proceedings, suggesting that the process itself is flawed and available only to the rich and powerful. Because we didn't have the budget to hire lawyers to file briefs, we don't exist in the CRB view.

In any event, small webcasters are facing the possibility of shutdown in less than two weeks. We can only hope that somehow, through a court filing or political pressure, the effective date of the new schedules can be delayed for enough time that these deficiencies can be reviewed and possibility corrected. Without such delay, small broadcasters will suffer irreparable harm. Shutdown of broadcasts and loss of audience cannot quickly be reversed at some later time.

I am a small webcaster and presently program 9 stations (streams), including a contemporary folk music station. Hundreds of artists have sent me their CD releases and have frequently thanked me for the airplay. We would appreciate anything you may be able to do to help prevent our partnership from being excluded from the internet.

Yours very truly, John van Schyndel

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